Clash Royale Cheats and Hacks

Clash Royale Hacks and Cheats

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to hack your Clash Royale account and add more gems? Maybe you want to use a cheat but you are not sure if it is safe for you account?

Obviously, you want to gain an advantage against other players and this is understandable. However, hacking the game is unethical and usually gets you banned. And let us explain why.

First of all, successfully hacking the game is very unlikely. All the information about the game, your achievements, balance and everything else is stored on game provider’s servers and not on you mobile phone. This means that you would have to hack into the servers and change the data. And this is not easy if possible at all. Also, it would most likely get you detected immediately and you would get┬ábanned to say the least.

We know that those hacks online say otherwise: it is completely safe and it will get you tons of gems. However, in most cases all they do is just provide a non working hack and hope to attract some unsuspecting visitors to their site. We have seen many of these sites and none of them actually work. The users end up wasting time for nothing.

This is why we don’t recommend you hacking your account. In most cases it simply does not work. And even if you actually manage to do so you risk losing you account with all your progress forever.

If you want free gems you can use our free Clash Royale gems giveaway instead. It is completely free and safe. It will not give you unlimited gems but 100 000 is quite a big amount anyway!

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