Spending Clash Royale Gems

Spending Free Clash Royale Gems

Some tips how to use the gems in a most efficient way!

Obviously, there is no complete linear way to spend the gems most efficiently and gain the most advantage. It depends on where you are in the game already and what is your playing style. However, there are a few tips you should consider if you want to make sure that your gems don’t go to waste.

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Buying Gold
Since gold is one of the most important resources in the game, we recommend starting with buying some of it. It depends on your current status in the game but getting quite a sizable amount like 100 000 is a good idea!

Opening Chests
Make sure you open chests only when your chests row is full. Otherwise you will waste the gems on empty slots. Also, it is better to open silver chests in the daytime while all others can be left for the night time.

Immediately leveling up is not a good idea. This costs more and you will lose all the possible gains along the road. You would need to acquire chests in the shop and thus it costs more than it is worth. On the other hand, buying firstly common, then rare and epic cards from the shop is a good idea.

Always remember your clan! You are in it for a reason as the members care for each other. Being in a strong clan is much better than being a strong individual player. Therefore, donate whenever you can! It is better to donate your clan than waste the gems on unnecessary buys.


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