The New Update Info

2016 November Update

There is a new update coming and we have gathered as much information as possible about it!

Some good news are coming to friendly battles! From now on they will be more even as the cards of both players will be leveled up or down to match the tournament rules. This will make the chances equal and the overall experience of friendly battles will be much better. You will also not be able to see the opponents elixir bar when spectating your friend.

Four new cards are coming. Tornado will be available in November 11. From then onĀ one card per every two weeks will be released. You will also be able to request cards from your clan every 7 hours.

Special event challenges will be introduced starting with King’s Cup on November 4. The first one will be free to enter.

Stay tuned for more updates as this is just a small portion of what’s coming!

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