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Spending Guide
How to Spend Clash Royale Gems Wisely

As soon as you get your gems bonus, you can immediately dive into the game and dominate other players. However, if you want to reach the top, you still need to know how to spend the gems properly!

Main tips for using the gems to level up faster:

Buy Gold immediately after you receive gems (for example, 100,000).
Open Chests with your gems when you have your Chests row full as this way it is much cheaper
Try opening Silver chests during the day and other chests at night
Do not rush to the top level immediately as it is the most costly option (you would need to buy Chests from the Shop)
Buy the first Common, Rare and Epic cards in the Shop as it is a good deal
Remember to donate to your clan! It is important to have a strong clan, not just being strong individually!
Do not waste gems on unnecessary buys!

Follow these main rules of Gems economy and you should level up faster and less costly!

We hope this helps you to excel in the game!
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